Multi-stage vertical pump

A multi-stage vertical pump made of stainless steel. It is very suitable for hard work and requires high compressive and bearing strength such as fans, power plants and power.

Suitable for transporting low viscosity liquids that are non-flammable and do not contain fiber or any solid particles. It is used in water supply and sewerage for high-rise buildings, in the stages of filtration and transport operations within water stations and to provide the required pressure in the main pipes. In addition, they are used in washing and cleaning systems, boiler supply, water recycling, processing and distillation. It can also be used in agriculture, sprinkler irrigation, food and beverage industries, and fire fighting systems

SKU: LVS-1 to LVS-200 || LVR-1 to LVR-200 Categories: , ,


  • Power: 0.5 hp / 230 volts – 150 hp / 400 volts
  • Maximum capacity: 4.2 m3 / hour – 240 m3 / hour
  • Maximum height: from 12 m to 325 m.
  • Plug-in and output loop: DN-32 to DN-200.
  • Available with strong new pedal (LVR)

(From LVR-1 to LVR-200 and from LVS-1 to LVS-200)