Commercial Agencies of Azaitona Alkhadraa Co.

In terms of the prosperous and continuous dealings with the leading international commercial companies abroad for more than 20 years and build the confidence and trust between us. It is an absolute pleasure to announce that we are the first and authorized distributor of these agricultural products conforming to the quality and environmental protection standards in order to provide only the best and most suitable trusted brands that satisfies the Libyan community.

YARA Fertilizers

  • YARA is the leading company in the field of agricultural fertilizers worldwide. With more than 100 years of experience in this area, it distributes to more than five continents with most of its finest products that meet the highest quality specifications which are essential to feed the plants with the best components possible.

LEO Water Pumps

LEO is the first Chinese company enlisted in the category of Chinese Pumps industry with a professional technical center recognized and authorized by China’s government. With the latest of technology methods and craftsmanship, LEO exports to more than 120 countries around the world in many fields such as Water Supply and Protection, Power Generations, Irrigation systems and many more.

RIVULIS Irrigation

RIVULIS is one of the largest international companies specialized in supplying fields and irrigation equipment and products and exporting them to more than 100 countries. Fully structured and built with the best of machineries according the highest level of standards and specifications, RIVULIS offers the most suitable irrigation solutions to improve crop production processes.

WORTH for Gardening

WORTH Gardening is a Chinese Company established in 2000 and has 3 factories at its main headquarters in Shanghai. With its powerful brand globally, the gardening tools and equipment it manufactures is rated as a first class and at a very satisfactory price for all customers. WORTH aims to create a pleasant and entertaining environment to improve and enhance the lifestyle indoors and outdoors to the better.


CONFORTO is one of the leading Italian Companies in the field of electric mechanics. It has been leading this sector of manufacturing water pumps and all its types since the eighties and always in pursuit of the latest technologies invented in order to develop its products even more to satisfy all its customers in all exporting countries.


ASHIRVAD exports to more than 35 countries across the world and holds an experience exceeds 20 years in the manufacture of column and pvc pipes, specially designed to be used in the fields of industry and agriculture such as wells and water transportations. And as always, ASHIRVAD is keen to develop its products more and more to provide the best of its services.


For nearly 100 years of experience in the field of agricultural soils, FLORAGARD has been successfully developing, manufacturing and distributing premium potting soils and substrates worldwide. As they are ranked First Class and classified internationally as one of the best manufactured soils used in crops and support their growth. From blossoming gardens to growing crops and green plants, FLORAGARD always strives to satisfy its customers and give them the optimum satisfactory outcomes as ever.

STAIRS Submersible Pumps

STAIRS industrial Co. Ltd. Is a leading pump manufacturing company serveing one of the fasting growing sectors of the global pumps market. It offers the best solutions in manufacturing pumps from start to finish, offering a one of kind pump quality and outstanding support to global pump manufacturers and distributors. Suitable for all industries related to commercial and construction of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration). As well as supporting the residential water supply market.

ANCO for Pump Motors

ANCO is one of the earliest and most experienced Asian companies specialized in the field of manufacturing pump motors and engines since 1980s, in Mumbai specifically. Through developing its products and gaining the experience over the years, today ANCO’s Brand has earned a global rank, guaranteeing you the quality, efficiency and long-term performance of the pump motors it is providing.

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