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There is no doubt that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. In 1994, our very first step was to establish Azaitona Alkhadraa Company in Misrata and focus on the field of agriculture and production. We began to develop our products and expand our experience and knowledge in this area gradually over the years and today, we reap the benefits of the successful efforts and dedications which were made through each and every staff member in our company that made us who we are nowadays. “The pioneer and leading agricultural company across Libya”.

To begin with fundamentals, ours, are built on solid strong beliefs. Therefore, first and foremost, our vision to success was, and always will be about our customers’ satisfactions in the products that we present, the prices, performance and finest results as expected. That is why we always aim to develop our services and improve our performance to offer the very best of the best in order to increase the statistics of our Libyan agriculture and economy even further, keeping in mind the values and principles that structured (Azaitona Alkhadraa) family into the successful company that we are now. It pleases me to say that, in addition to the farm, nurseries and representing major international companies as their authorized and official distributor in delivering their products and accessories to all our branches located in several Libyan cities, we now own Three Factories for manufacturing agricultural plastic industries ranging from Plastic Pipes and Plastic Films to Recycling of Plastic waste. All of these are officially categorized under the name and brand of Azaitona Alkhadraa Co.

At the end, I can only say that all of these achievements would not have been established without the constant determination of our devoted and committed company’s staff.
The dedication towards progressing from one success to another, and believing in our capabilities by following and practicing the standards of quality, efficiency, experience and proficiency to perfection in order to create and build a prosperous future for our agriculture and economy is what made us distinguished from the rest and being the leading local company that proudly represents renaissance of Agriculture in Libya at the regional and international levels.


Ismail Seddiq Shallouf

Chairman of Azaitona Alkhadraa Co.