The Farm & Nursery of Azaitona Alkhadraa Co.

With an area extending to 17 hectares (acres) in Al-Fallaja area in Misrata, Azaitona Alkhadraa Farm includes the two agricultural plastic factories (Plastic Pipes and Plastic Films Industries) along with the Nursery as well.

The Nursery of Azaitona Alkhadraa is one of the main foundations and sectors that stepped up the company’s name and helped in promoting it to become one of the largest agricultural nurseries known across Libya. It was established in 2006 and holds approximately around 5 hectares (acres) of the whole farm in Al-Fallaja area, Misrata.

The team of experts assigned in supervising on the nursery and its production are highly qualified agricultural engineers and experienced in this field specifically. To provide the ideal product, it is always our priority to ensure that every stage must be carefully followed and revised in deep details in seedlings, planting, processing, storing, distributing and marketing. Through following these principles and through dedication and sincerity in what we do, today we are one of the largest nurseries in the production of seedlings of all kinds with the best of quality that meet the international standards.

Azaitona Alkhadraa Nursery also offers a variety of Olive Seedlings, (Kroenke, Broccoli, Dulce, Picul, etc…) Also, we provide the seedlings of best palm trees (Majhoul, Burahi) in addition to 2 incubators and several greenhouses (glasshouses) with special laboratories fully equipped to test the efficiency of products imported from aboard before distributing it to our branches into the Libyan market.

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