Azaitona Alkhadraa Co. for Agricultural Products

Azaitona Alkhadraa for an Ideal Libyan Agriculture

Azaitona Alkhadraa Co. for Agricultural Products, is one of the first Libyan companies that stepped in and majored in the agricultural field and specialized in all of its branches. It was established in 1994, as a cooperative joint stock company, later on to become one of top leading companies in the provision of agricultural products along with its accessories in Libya. Through our sheer experience, excellent agricultural products and accurate services that we provide and deliver, for the purpose of developing and improving the rates of agricultural production within the Libyan territory to conform the level of professionalism in accordance with the international standards practiced worldwide.

Vision & Ambition

Azaitona Alkhadraa aims to be the leading company in the field of Agricultural products and all its commodities in Libya. Through our branches which are spread and located in many cities across the country, and by providing our finest products and excellent services to the citizens, guaranteed by quality and international safety standards to always improve agricultural production and prosper it even further.

Mission & objectives

Azaitona Alkhadraa Co. is always striving for success and to promote agricultural awareness in cooperation with the Libyan institutions to provide all necessary international products, goods and services in order to create the most suitable and appropriate agricultural environment for all farmers, in addition to reducing the phenomenon of desertification, which many suffer from nowadays. All of these aims and objectives are joined together hoping to build a prosperous agricultural future for the Libyan motherland one day.


The company is an authorized agent for the most famous brands in agriculture and horticulture