7 Pattern Zinc Alloy Spray Nozzle

With a tight, comfortable grip with a zinc head and available with seven water spray patterns, the Zinc Brush is ideal for watering your garden like grass and flowers as well as being very practical in washing cars and others. It also has a button to lock the handle and install it on the position of spraying for long periods.


1. Perfect for Watering Your Garden, Lawn, Grass, and Flower Beds. It’s also Great for Washing Your Car, Dogs, and Pets

2. Reinforced ABS body with soft TPR grip
3. Durable Zinc alloy head, 7 PATTERN SPRAY, distinguished by easy settings

4. Improved control for solid and comfortable grip to make this water nozzle easy to grab and hold

5. Locking switch for long time spraying

6. Length: 23cm