Drip Irrigation Pipes T-TAPE

These pipes have a specially designed distillation system that starts with a filter to purify the water that reaches them. It then moves to more precise filters before they are released as droplets to feed the crops in order to eliminate any undesirable impurities. In addition to having pre-defined distances and scientifically studied according to the type of crop to give the best results during the distillation phase.



  • Agricultural pipe thickness for distillation irrigation: 8 mm.
  • Its diameter: 16 mm.
  • Distillation rate per liter per hour: 0.25 (quarter per liter of pure water)

Distances of distillation points recommended by crop type:

  • 10 cm – 20 cm / blackberry and lush vegetables.
  • 20 cm – 30 cm / the rest of the vegetables.
  • 30 cm / watermelon, cane and cotton.